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TFS Projects

Hazel Glen College

We recently had the honour of revisiting one of our school workshop fit outs.

Over the past four years, Tools for Schools has been chosen to fit out Hazel Glen College, an impressive, modern K-12 school in Doreen, on the northern outskirts of Melbourne.

It was so satisfying to see the equipment and consumables we supplied not only being happily used by students, but also easily surviving the rigours of years of youthful exuberance!

Tools for Schools equipped Hazel Glen College with custom-made shadow-boards, laser, machinery, safety posters, and a vast range of tools and consumables.

Take a VR Tour of Hazel Glen College

Take a virtual tour of one of Hazel Glen’s workshops to get a taste of what Tools for Schools can provide for your school or campus. Contact our experts toady 1800 852 211 or [email protected]